Six Pack Exercises

If you are viewing this page right now, you are probably looking for valuable tips on how to achieve a six pack. You’ve definitely come to the right place, where you will discover only the best six pack exercises and other techniques that will help you enhance your six pack abs.

The phrase “elusive six pack” is probably not all that strange to you, is it? The truth is this: a six pack is only elusive to those who have not discovered the tips and tricks that actually work for achieving well-sculpted abs. Even those who may know the secrets to achieving an impressive six pack are either not applying the techniques correctly, or are too lazy to stay consistent. Six pack abs do not come by magic – you have to work towards it (but not necessarily working your ass off). I’m talking out of experience – when I started my six pack journey, I discovered that the results of various six pack exercises got better as I put in more and more effort, and when I became more consistent. I finally got a six pack ab result that is simply hard to ignore. Today, I can barely walk into a store or other public location without attracting people’s attention, especially the super hot chicks (I’m not kidding you).

Let me take you on a tour around just a few of the best six pack exercises that have helped me substantially for turning my six pack dream into a complete living reality:

The Bicycle Exercise

The best six pack exercises start with the bicycle exercise – I used this exercise the most during my six pack training days. The exercise targets the rectus abdominis as well as the obliques. The results and effectiveness of this exercise for building a six pack have even been proven by the American Council of Exercise.

Here’s the procedure:

  • Lie on the floor flat, ensuring that your lower back is pressed down against the floor. Place your hands by the sides of your head and draw your knees upward to the angle of 45 degrees.
  • Then, begin a bicycle pedaling motion – do this slowly.
  • Make your left elbow to touch your right knee, and your right elbow to touch the left knee. Make sure that you stay relaxed, breathing well throughout the exercise.
  • Continue with the pedaling motion, alternating sides for 1-3 sets of 12-16 reps.

However, if this method is too challenging for you, you can try the flipped version – I’ve elaborated extensively on the modified bicycle exercise in one of my six pack exercises articles.

The V-up Exercise

The v-up is one of the six pack exercises that will also help you significantly on your quest to achieving a 6 pack. This is how it works:

  • Assume a start position by lying on the bench or floor with your back, while keeping your knees bent. Stretch your hands towards the ceiling. Place your head in a neutral position, creating a space between the chest and chin.
  • With your chest and chin pointed towards the ceiling, contract your ab and lift your shoulders off the floor. Then, lift your legs upward and try to reach your feet with your hands.
  • Come back to your start position.
  • Repeat this exercise.

Captain’s Chair Leg Raise

One of my favorite six pack exercises is the Captain’s Chair. It is also among the best ab exercises listed by the American Council of Exercise – In fact, this exercise is rated the second best after ‘The Bicycle’ exercise.

There’s a whole lot of exercises you can carry out using the Captain’s chair. The gadget itself (the Captain’s Chair) is a rack that features padded arms to enable your legs to hang freely.

Safety Tip: when using this gadget to perform a leg raise or other six pack exercises, DO NOT swing your legs. Also, DO NOT employ momentum when bringing your legs up. Don’t forget to keep your knees bent, so that you can target the abs more, and the hip flexors less.

You’re welcome. These are just a taste of the best six pack exercises known to man. Browse around the site and see what works for you.